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My name is Meeshu

MeeshU, natural born US

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About Me.

My name is Eric Boltz, but I've been using the DJ name Meeshu for 28 years (years ago when  I was living in Pennsylvania, a friend came one day with a flyer for our first rave and said we URGENTLY need a DJ name . He just says "DJ Meeshu", it sounded great & it was so much fun to pronounce, so it happened  lol

more About me


Originally from the east coast of the US and been basing out of Hawaii for 14 years while i travel everywhere else in the world, lol.

Came into the world back in 1974, grew up being exposed to all sorts of music but really took a liking to 70s and 80s funk and electronic influcenced music.

Collected music for years and during college, decided to take a break and get into djing and the rest is history.


Started doing free gigs at coffee shops, private parties and small business grand openings which led to club residences, restaurant and lounge djing and multiple festival events...including Lollapalooza, Hawaii Electronic Music Festival and multiple years at Burning Man among others, lol.

I love electronic based music and real eclectic and out there sounds...i think it's more fun to play random genres of music to catch people's attention than matching the same beat for hours but at the same time i do like mixing house's all good stuff at the right place and time. :)

Currently, playing various genres online @ Radiolla, Pigalle Paris Radio, and We Get Lifted Radio.

  • 13 TH FEB 2022

  • beginning in the star radio lounge

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