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My name is DJ. Majcher

DJ. Majcher, natural born Poland

About Me.

 I start my Passion, adventure and profession as a DJ in 1979 so 80’, 90”s that was my great time playing Disco, House, Jazz, R&B, Soul, Funk, D&B, Techno, Ambient, and Breaks... Not active professionally now but still around..... For the Love of MUSIC.

more About me


was born in Poland 1965 and I consider that my carrier as a Disc Jockey start in 1979 because that was my first own big gig in a Club. I was Fortunate to learn my first steps in this profession from one of the best first pioneer that time



I cannot count how many clubs and Bars I play – it was so many and doors was open for me  in most major clubs and disco bars…I was Cofounder Disco Bar Feta and I play there almost every day 7pm to 7 am for many years until I left Poland for Greece


In 1989 I was in Athens and many years in Mykonos where I was resident DJ. In Famous Oasis Bar. - I play in many other places also.


I Immigrate to Canada and I live here until now. I play here occasionally in some bars as a guest.  I did many Hush-Hush / Underground party. I never was known worldwide….

19 TH MARCH  2023

beginning in the star radio lounge

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