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My name is DJHeleno Vasquez

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My connection with music started very early, since I was 6 years old I listened to countless albums of the most varied genres in my father's company: 

About Me.

My connection with music started very early, since I was 6 years old I listened to countless albums of the most varied genres in my father's company: international, mpb, samba, romantic, pop, practically everything, already in 1998, at the age of 14 this connection became stronger, it was the time when I had my first contact with electronic music through Dance Music, listening to several tapes and CDs, from then on I realized that my big dream was to live from music, make it my art, part of my life.

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In 2001 I took the course for Disc Jockey and also for studio production, graduating in 2002, so I started to walk my path, my long dreamed journey that was to live from music, I played in countless cities in Rio Grande do Sul: São Borja, Uruguaiana, Santo Ângelo, São Leopoldo, Giruá, Rosário do Sul, Formigueiro, was the main attraction in major events that took place across the state such as Garota Verão (RBS TV), Festeja (Rádio 97 FM - São Borja) and Fenamilho in Santo Ângelo,


2011 - 2017

I went resident at Club GSSI for 9 years playing on Saturdays and also resident at Club Caixeiral on Sundays for 5 years. From 2011, my taste for producing tracks became more acute, so I started to train, producing Mashup's and Bootleg's of renowned artists of that time like Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Alesso, Avicii among others, the idea was to add to my DJ career. this differential, creating “exclusive” tracks for the dance floors where he played.
2017 was the year of transformation, where I left the DJ profession a little to go on an immersive journey of production in the studio, 

as I still do not consider myself a musician in fact, I sought learning and support from colleagues and friends who could help me in this evolutionary process that is the electronic production of electronic music, not a Mashup, not a Bootleg, but a production in fact, a Remix, an original track, started from scratch, with arrangements, timbres, bass drum, drums, sinthys, pads , strings and so many other elements that do not even cross our minds that are inserted there on that track that you hear, because, seeing from the inside how the process is, you understand the complexity of building, creating a track.
Currently, I have been making tracks remixes and among them I highlight our most recent work that is in the process of being released by the UP Music label, remix of the song Señorita, the remake of the song Dancin that originally is from the English producer Aaron Smith, She is like o Sol, original song by Igor Fióri to which we signed the remix version, also the remake of Wilson Sideral's song, Eu vou Acelerar, with vocals by Banda MPBox and where we also officially signed this track, and finally, our biggest achievement until the moment as a music producer via streaming, the remix of Evanescence's song - Bring me to Life which currently surpassed the 50k plays mark on Spotify.

MAI 2021

beginning in the star radio lounge

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