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My name is Laurent Schark

Laurent Schark is not only an international DJ, he is also a renowned music producer/remixer, Managing Director for Dominium Recordings Ltd.


About Me.


Laurent is multi-resident Dj in London (Colony Club, Socialista, Toy Shop, etc.), besides his international booking. Dj Sets in clubs, as he is also a gifted musician, are a power packed live act, in which CDs, Vinyles, and hardware samplers, keyboards are combined in a "LS" hardly stamped unique performance. He is considered by London magazines and webzines dedicated to nightlife as the best French Dj in London since 2009

more About me


Every week, "The Laurent Schark Selection" Radio Show, is broadcasted on Radios on a global scale. With more than 140 radios, it is the world’s most syndicated radio show. The monthly edition “Laurent Schark Selection LIVE SHOW”: Since March 2015, Laurent has been the host and the producer of what became the world most syndicated LIVE radio show. With more than 40 radios connected, this monthly edition gathers more than 3 million unique listeners.



The most original and finest vocal Electro House, Disco House, Funky House and “French Touch” music is enclosed with a unique and authentic "Schark" signature. His unofficial remix of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" triggered a solid enthusiasm among influent Djs on the planet, and has been broadcasted on the most popular top40 FM radios. The opinions are unanimous: it would be the best remix of the Daft single. It has reached millions of plays in total (Youtube, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, iTunes Podcast, Facebook, etc.) (1)

He has recently produced a remix for the upcoming Afro Medusa brand new single. Indeed, #1 USA Charts music band comes back in 2015 with a new single “Diving In Your Soul”, signed on Laurent’s sub-label Funkytronik Music. (2) With Andrew Consoli (also London-based Dj & Producer), under the collaboration name "Sexofoniks", Laurent released "Summerizing", second single that follows the Canadian billboard charted "King Size Festival" (8 weeks in a row, in the top 10)

Other remixes will come later, such as his LS touch on Russell Small (Phats & Small, Freemasons) “Listen” or Oliver Nelson “Ain’t A Thing” which was supported by popular Djs/Producers including Martin Garrix, which will give the remix thousands of plays in just a couple of days in Spotify. (3)

2018 marks a new musical direction for Laurent who is coming with a series of original productions. The first is a single called “One Of A Kind” written by Darren Ellison, released on January 19th on Dominium Recordings. Darren and Laurent are coming back with their follow-up track, with big funky grooves, “New Reason”, on December 18th 2020.

2021 is the year of collaboration with his friends Laris Alexander, but also Televisor, Derrick McKenzie (Jamiroquai).

Laurent also produces the brand new singles for Afro Medusa, Sticky Dadas (full Album), and is behind many charted singles’ mastering work for labels such as Barclays, Universal, Sony and artists like Bob Sinclar, Mathieu Koss, Greg Delon, Joris Delacroix, Parakit, Wielki, Mosey Aka, Dj Sub Zero, Montmartre, Nico De Andrea, Joan Alasta, etc..

THE RECORD LABEL MANAGER Since 2011, Laurent has managed Dominium Recordings, his record label, formerly Evolusound Records (founded with his best friends, in 2005). 3 sub-labels (Downstreet, Funkytronik, Monochrom) and a recording/mixing/mastering studio are part of

22 TH SEP 2022

beginning in the star radio lounge

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