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My name is Oliver Tanzbein

Oliver Tanzbein, natural born Würzburg / GERMANY 

About Me.

Oliver Beinstingel, alias Oliver Tanzbein, was born on November 22nd, 1976 in Würzburg, Bavaria, and has lived in beautiful Nuremberg since 2010.

more About me

And the last 3 years on the beautiful one
Tenerife island..
At the age of 15 he started as a hip-hop DJ and stayed with it for 5 years. He learned the DJ craft to play classically with records. After a creative break, he discovered


the electronic scene and started his second career as a techno DJ here in 1999. He was particularly fond of the after-hours and he got various clubs in Würzburg like Brazil(Sunrise-Club,) Wear House and Club L really boiling again from 6 am.He has not only been a guest at Würzburg Airport since his youth, but later regularly delighted the dance-loving people there as a DJ, usually also during the after-hours.


Other parties followed in the U60311 (Frankfurt), fuel (Offenbach), P13 (Fulda), NanoClub (Nuremberg), Klanghaus (Erlangen) Nachtgiger (Nuremberg) or the open air in Giebelstadt and of course at various private events. Recently there have been several appearances on Crete and Tenerife as well as at Melbourne's largest music festival, the St. Kilda Festival in Australia. Both in an internet radio show on rhombus music fm, pm beats and master sound generation, stream "progressive" as well as with the partner productions of bias cut (beatport, Junodownload etc.). And now alone under Oliver Tanzbein of numerous productions (beatport...) he has always met the taste of numerous dance and music lovers with his preference for house to techno underground and has established himself as an authentic DJ who prefers to hang out in the middle of the guests. In the meantime he has moved to Tenerife and is inspired by the sun and the beach. His music productions range from house music to techno music. However, even today his favorite child is the after-hours and when the sun comes up he is happy to be there and dance with old and new friends behind the turntables until late in the day. He also plays his music in Tenerife. Whether it's on the beach or in the clubs. (also after hours). Whether house-techhouse, or techno 125bpm and techno 135bpm, the party is guaranteed.Pictures, videos and more on the "Facebook page Oliver Tanzbein"

25 TH OF FEB 2023

beginning in the star radio lounge

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