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Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Dear team, dear music friends, I am very happy to introduce you to a super good friend, that is the person who inspired me to open my radio back then !! He already saw the great potential in me there, which I haven't seen myself

I am incredibly grateful to him that he gave me the impetus to open my radio !!I can assure you that without him we wouldn't all be here today !!

We are very happy & proud to present you my friend and DJ

Michael Kini König - K1N1EINKLANGPROJEKT as a team member today!

Since I've known him for a long time & I've been waiting for a long time to be able to record him with us, you can find K1N1 EINKLANG PROJEKT directly in our DJ RESIDENT !!


》| 🎙 K1n1EinklangProjekt At StarRadioFM |《

Welcome dear #MichaelKiniKönig in our #StarRadioFamily



Here dear friends, here you fantastic Music

from our DJ !!

🎙 K1n1 Einklang Projekt At Mixcloud

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